Spinning around

In the last week when someone has asked me how I am, I’ve responded something along the lines of “like I’m in a washing machine coming towards the end of the spin cycle.”

You see, since my last post, a lot has happened.

Well, a lot happened on 30 June, when we welcomed our Amateur Child into the world. After a bit of labour, he was born by a C-section to a couple of very tired, but very relieved parents.

Since then, we’ve been going through all the stuff of a newborn. Night-time feeds, constant nappy changes, burping, changing clothes that have been weed or pooed through…you know, just the usual stuff.

It’s only two years ago we were doing the same with our firstborn, so there’s a lot that is familiar, but also a lot that you forget in that time too.

Like, just how much work a newborn is.

And then you add on all the other parts of life, and you realise its chaos and craziness.

For us, that meant dealing with a nasty cold when the new kid came home from hospital, a bout of conjunctivitis for the baby, returning to a busy period at work for me, as well as all the usual, day-to-day of modern life.

But, there is also the understanding that it will only be this nuts for a time, and then things will settle down.

Routines will become established, gaps between feeds get longer, breastfeeding (for my wife, not me) will get easier, firstborn children adapt, and gradually it all becomes a little easier.

And I think that’s the benefit I’ve had this time around. There is a certain amount of having to acknowledge just how crazy life is at the moment, but it’s easier to look up from that and see that, soon enough, a level of balance will be restored – because that is what happened before.

So, while life has been in the spin cycle, it now feels like the washing machine is spinning down, and soon enough things will come to a stop.

Well, not a complete stop – perhaps more to the gentle agitation of the next part of the wash cycle.

Like a good clothes washing, there will be another spin cycle spooling up later on, and that’s OK, because we know that as fast as that cycle may be, it too will come to an end.

At least that’s my spin on it.